Easter Eggs

It's easy to understand why Microsoft software is so bloated when you discover the number of Easter Eggs in Microsoft products. The term Easter Egg is given to programs that are built within software products that have nothing to do with the functionality of the product. One of the best examples is the 3D Flight Simulator found within Microsoft Excel 97.

Easter Eggs seem to have started with Windows programs and their "Help|About" menu item. We started to see companies build graphics into the product information - as if the graphical startup splash screen was not enough. Then the product development teams started to include their group photos. Now, it's gotten out of hand with games embedded within the product.

One wonders whether some of the instability of Windows and Windows applications has anything to do with this extraneous code. One also wonders how much more reliable Windows and its applications would be if Microsoft designers would focus on fine tuning the products instead of burdening their products with frivilous code.

If you're interested in Easter Eggs, you can visit the official Easter Egg web site at

Linux and Linux applications have no Easter Egg programs. We know because we can review the source code.